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Solar Panel Wash

Inspection + cleaning for improved energy production

Roof Wash

Pressure washing of all dirt & gunk accumulation

Window Cleaning

Streak-less results for a squeaky clean feel

Exterior Cleaning

Commercial pressure washing, top to bottom

Parking Lot Wash

Removing hard stains from the concrete

Walkway Wash

Reducing slip factor and maintaining curb appeal



Commercial Solar Panel Wash

Solar panel cleaning improves your efficiency by up to 35%. When we remove solar blockers like dust, leaves, water, and bird droppings, your solar panels can once again be utilized to their maximum potential!

Check out how much energy is lost when you don’t have regular solar panel cleaning services!

Commercial Roof Wash

Performing regular commercial roof cleaning services helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your roof. A dirty roof can lead to a  variety of problems such as drainage issues, reduced energy efficiency and even unwanted vegetation growth!

Beyond just improved aesthetics, a clean roof is more reflective and absorbs less heat in the summer time – which lead to lower energy bills when it’s pushing a hundred degrees outside!

While we’re up there cleaning things up, we’d also be happy to conduct a brief roof inspection that would be helpful in identifying any potential problems or damage to your roof before it’s too late!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows are more than just glass. They’re our opportunities to let natural light in and our admiring gaze out. Hard water stains and dirt can really make that experience a whole lot less pleasant.

Not only that, but the bright shine of a newly washed window lets your occupants and visitors know that you take pride in your business. Keeping your windows clean is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your curb appeal and maximizing your building’s first impression!

We use the latest technology to ensure a complete, streak-free commercial window cleaning service that everyone will benefit from!

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Not sure where to start? No problem, we can do the total commercial cleaning package that will cover your building, top to bottom.

Regular pressure washing can effectively remove stains, grease, oil, dirt, gum, graffiti, and all other kinds of accumulated gunk that contribute to your building’s unsightliness. We use high pressure water mixed with specialized chemicals that are made to leave you with a good, deep clean that lasts!

Commercial Parking Lot Wash

When cars are parked, oil sometimes runs and leaks out onto the pavement. Those harsh stains on the concrete can be quite difficult to remove and might even be impossible if they become permanent.

In order to save your parking lot from permanent stains, it is important to clean the parking lot whenever the leakage happens or perform  regular monthly cleaning that will always leave it looking pristine.

Our professional Nor Cal Wash crew uses specialized products and the latest technology that treats and cleans those hard-to-get-out stains, every time! 

Commercial Walkway Wash

Beyond being a dangerous slip factor, dirty walkways are not the greatest look for your business. Over time, natural grime and dirt collect on top of the walkways, changing the entire color and integrity of your concrete sidewalks or walkways.
Protect yourself from future liabilities and from bad judgements by applying the power of Nor Cal Wash!


When it comes to doing business, you always want to put your best foot forward, right? We agree and we want to help!

Here’s six reasons why having a clean exterior is not just good for your looks, but good for your business!

Boosts Curb Appeal

Nothing devalues your property more than dirt, debris, and other nasty things. Regular pressure washing upkeeps your curb appeal and your property value as well!

Saves Time

When stubborn stains set-in and become permanent, you’ll not only spend more money but a lot of time trying to get them out! Thankfully, regular pressure washing eliminates that hassle entirely!

Promotes Traffic

Consisten washing makes your building inviting to your customers! If it doesn’t look clean or cared for, you might be blowing off your first impression with important customers!

Lowers Repair Costs

Contaminants take a toll on your building. When substances settle, they can compromise paint, siding, and fences that will require  replacement or repairs over time. Save yourself from those costs with regular cleaning!

Improves Safety

Mold, Moss, Algae, Oils, Mildew, Acidic Substances and other dirt materials can accumulate and be hazardous for you and your occupants. Regular cleaning of your exterior makes for a healthier environment!

Prolongs Life

A commercial property is a long-term investment. Regular pressure washing can stretch that investment out by consistently removing moss, grime, mold, and other degrading substances.

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