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Whether it’s fuzzy green areas on your roof, gunk in your gutters, or grime on your walkways, it’s time to take cleaning seriously. NorCal Wash eliminates all unsightliness by pressure washing the dirt out of your property! We clean residential & commercial properties, top-to-bottom with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services


From the top of your roof to the bottom of your driveway, NorCal Wash is here to completely eradicate all dust, dirt, and grime. We specialize in solar panel cleaning, roof washing, gutter cleaning, house exterior washing, fence washing, drive and sidewalk cleaning in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Solar Panel Wash
Roof Wash
Gutter Cleaning
House Exterior Wash
Fence Wash
Concrete Cleaning

Solar Panel Wash

Solar Panel cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal solar system performance.

Dust, grime, and pollutants severely impact the efficacy of solar panels. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, your solar panels’ performance can degrade by 20% or more without you even knowing it.

Nor Cal Wash cleans the rooftop solar  panels on your home and business and even your large ground solar systems to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your solar technology.

Roof Wash

Nothing increases curb appeal like a clean and well-maintained roof.

The roof of your home is exposed to the elements such as wind, dirt, and rain that lead to a build-up of grime over time. This grime can turn into mold, stains, mildew, and algae that causes your roof to be unsightly and more prone to issues.

It’s recommended to get your roof cleaned by professionals once a year. Even if it’s not extremely dirty, a cleaning is good for  removing debris such as tree branches and is a perfect opportunity for NorCal Wash to inspect your roof for signs of damage,  missing shingles, or other issues.

Gutter Cleaning

Prevent clogged gutters from damaging your roof and home.

Clogged gutters impede the proper flow of water, causing rainwater to overflow and eventually damage your roof and require expensive repairs.

Although cleaning gutters can look like a job you can do on your own, it is wise to hire professionals who have the right tools and expertise for cleaning gutters. Nor Cal Wash protects your property and leaves it cleaner than ever before!

House Exterior Wash

Retain your home’s value and boost your curb appeal!

Nature will take over the exterior of your home, given enough time. Growth of plants, buildup of dirt, grime, bug and bird debris can weaken the structure of your home and plummet your curb appeal. Cleaning your home’s exterior may seem like common sense, but take a drive through your
neighborhood and you’ll see it’s not that common!

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and NorCal Wash is here to have your home feel heavenly again!

Fence Wash

There’s nothing quite like a border to border clean feeling.

Wood and metal fences accumulate grime and dirt over time, which can be unsightly
and also degrade the integrity of the fence. It especially can ruin paint and other varnishes if left untaken care of for a long period of time.

Thankfully NorCal Wash can remove mold, algae, moss, and mildew without damaging the fence! Let’s restore your wood fence to its former color and pristine condition, and keep it protected for many years to come!

Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

The road to perfection is paved with clean sidewalks.

Your driveway and concrete takes a beating throughout the year due to wear and tear of constant use and inclement weather like rain and mud. Pressure washing your driveway will prevent harmful growths such as mold, mildew, algae, and moss that can erode your driveway over time.

Get your driveway and sidewalks cleaned by NorCal Wash to protect your curb appeal!

Dirt Doesn’t Age Well!


Your property can take a beating over time – it’s natural. The elements can weather your driveway, roof, sidewalks and walkways. That’s why we don’t just wash your property, we treat it. We want to make sure that we leave your property so clean you can eat off of it, not that we’d recommend it.



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Solar Panel Wash

Roof Wash

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House Exterior Wash

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